Monday, October 22, 2007

Stop Foreclosure By Selling A Structured Settlement

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There are few among us who have not – at one time or another – been in a stressful financial situation. While for some this may mean having difficulty making ends meet every month, for others the circumstances are much more serious – perhaps even resulting in the possible loss of a home.

For those who receive structured settlement payments as a result of a legal arrangement, such financial circumstances may have them thinking of selling the ongoing structured settlement payments.

Ordinarily, when a structured settlement arrangement is made, it accounts for ongoing, periodic payments made to the recipient through a funded annuity. The payments may simply not be enough to tackle larger financial responsibilities – such as in the circumstance of a homeowner facing foreclosure.

In such a case, the homeowner may choose to turn to a reputable company who will purchase structured settlement payments. Such a company will give the structured settlement recipient a lump sum of money in exchange for future structured settlement payments. The company that purchases the structured settlement then continues to receive the payments; in exchange the homeowner receives their cash in hand to help stop foreclosure.

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