Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Determining The Value Of Structured Settlements For Sale

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Those who have been involved in a personal injury case may sometimes receive a structured settlement – a financial arrangement allows for payments for injured parties. Recipients of structured settlements – instead of being given a sum of money – are given periodic payments. These payments come directly from an annuity that has been set up to fund the structured settlement; and the responsible party in the personal injury case funds the annuity in order to allow for these ongoing payments.

Terms differ from structured settlement to structured settlement and are determined by the specifics of the case including the total amount awarded to the injured party.

While structured settlements often work quite well, there are times when they don’t. In such cases, a structured settlement recipient may investigate the possibility of selling all or part of their ongoing payments to a reputable company that purchases structured settlements.

A company that purchases structured settlement payments will make an offer for the structured settlement.

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