Monday, December 17, 2007

Get a Lump Sum With the Sale of a Structured Settlement

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Feeling financially out of control is one of the worst feelings that there is. Debt is one of the things that initiate this out of control feeling, as consumers are often plagued with the idea that their money will never be their own but simply something that they pay every month to a credit card.

Structured settlements are set up for the benefit of the recipient, but sometimes there are circumstances that may require a change. Structured settlements are financial arrangements that stem from personal injury cases. If the claimant is awarded a financial settlement they are often structured settlements; instead of receiving the entire financial award at once they receive payments on a regular basis.

Such structured settlement payments can be beneficial for recipients in a number of ways, not the least of which is the ability to really budget their money and address ongoing expenses. But in some cases, structured settlement recipients need to have a lump sum so that they can best make decisions that can impact the financial future for themselves and their family.

When such is the case with a structured settlement recipient they may choose to explore the possibility of selling all – or a portion of – their future structured settlement payments. A reputable, experienced purchasing company will buy all or a portion of the client’s future structured settlement payments and in return pay the client a lump sum of agreed upon money; giving the client the ability to have cash on hand.

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