Monday, December 31, 2007

The Sale of Structured Settlements Can Mean a Brighter Future

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There is little that we want for our children more than a good education. With a degree our children can decide their own future and pave a way to financial security and personal accomplishment. In some circumstances an education is the only way for some people to meet their career goals. But as we all know an education can be expensive and without the financial means sometimes schooling can go by the wayside.

In the face of educational costs, many people look for a variety of ways to come up with the necessary money including home equity loans, grants, and personal lines of credit. And one way in which people can come up with the money necessary to pay for an education is through the sale of a structured settlement.

A structured settlement is an arrangement following a personal injury case. When such a case is settled and the injured party is given a financial settlement, the award can either be a one time payment or a structured settlement. With a structured settlement, the recipient receives a series of periodic payments made by a third party annuity that is funded by the responsible party.

Circumstances can arise when recipients would be better served by a lump sum of money rather than payments. Such as the in the case of tuition payments –the recipient may opt to sell all or part of their future structured settlement payments in exchange for the lump sum of money that they need.

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