Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Family Planning with a Structured Settlement Sale

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There are few among us who would not go to great lengths to protect the interests of our family – now and in the future; such realities are revealed in our college funds, health care policies, life insurance, and the like. As families change, many people will reexamine their finances to ensure that they are doing all they can to provide for their family’s future.

To that end, there are those who may decide at some point to sell all or part of their structured settlement payments in order to have cash on hand. Structured settlements are financial arrangements that are created following a personal injury case. While in the past the claimant may have been given a financial award all at once, today structured settlements are a common option.

Structured settlements recipients are sent scheduled payments from a third party annuity that is funded by the responsible party.

Should, however, the recipient desire to sell their structured settlement they can seek out a purchasing company that will turn over a cash payout in exchange for all or part of future payments. The seller then has the ability to have cash on hand to plan accordingly.

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