Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Possibilities of Structured Settlements

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Oftentimes following a personal injury case those a plaintiff can be provided with a structured settlement arrangement. A structured settlement is a payment arrangement through which the recipient is paid the financial award through scheduled payments. Such payments are sent from a third party annuity that has been funded specifically for this reason by the responsible party; and the payments continue until the culmination of the structured settlement.

While recipients may often feel that they are locked into their payment schedule, the reality is that there are several possibilities that are open to them. If the desire is to receive a lump sum of cash rather than to continue receiving payments, recipients may choose to investigate the sale of their structured settlement payments.

In fact, recipients can choose to sell all of their future structured settlement payments or they may choose to sell just a part of their future structured settlement payments. In return, a purchasing company will pay the recipient a lump sum payout according to current market value.

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