Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Structured Settlements Sales Can Change Lives

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Life can change in an instant; just when you have everything planned out, a corner is turned and suddenly everything is different. The lesson of life is being able to take these twists and turns and do what you can to make it fit your new reality. When injuries occur, however, the future can certainly be challenging. Those who are involved in a personal injury case may receive a financial settlement. And in many cases such financial settlements are paid through the terms of a structured settlement.

A structured settlement is a financial arrangement through which the recipient is paid their money through a series of payments instead of all at once. Such payments may generally work for recipients for some time as they know when their payments will arrive and how much they can expect – certainly a benefit for budgeting.

However, if structured settlement recipients at some point desire or require a lump sum of cash, they may choose to sell all or part of their future structured settlement payments. Purchasing companies will take possession of the portion of structured settlement that recipients wish to sell; in exchange, the purchasing company pays the recipient a lump sum of cash - cash that can be used for education expenses or debt settlement that can change the course of a family’s future.

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