Monday, January 21, 2008

Structured Settlements: Untapped Cash

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Whenever we are in need of cash – for medical bills, debt payments, a housing purchase, renovations, education costs, etc. – we may turn to investments or savings to get the money that we need. In such times of financial need, however, it helps to keep in mind other, less traditional sources of cash – such as a structured settlement.

A structured settlement is often created following a personal injury settlement. Rather than the claimant being given the entirety of their settlement at once, they may be given a payment schedule known as a structured settlement. From that point on – throughout the life of the structured settlement – the claimant will receive scheduled payments.

However, a structured settlement can be a source of untapped cash for those who are facing particular financial needs. With the sale of future structured settlement payments, sellers can quickly have the cash they need in hand.

The process includes finding a reputable purchasing company that will pay cash in exchange for the structured settlement. Sellers are not even required to sell all of the structured settlement; rather, they can choose to sell partial payments or even a certain number of future payments.

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