Friday, February 1, 2008

A Structured Settlement Transfer

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As a part of a personal injury case there may be a financial arrangement made as part of an out of court settlement. While in the past a claimant in such a case would have received a total lump sum payout, today they may decide to receive a structured settlement. A structured settlement delivers the settlement amount in payments over time rather than all at once.

Such payments are made at regular intervals and continue through the life of the structured settlement. But it may be that such an arrangement does not suit the needs of its recipients. It may be that a lump sum of money may be necessary for a claimant at some point during the life of a structured settlement.

In such situations a structured settlement recipient may chose to sell all or part of their future payments. A purchasing company will transfer these future payments for a lump sum of money for those recipients who wish to seek this arrangement.

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